Thursday, August 20, 2009

Britney as Jamila: Afghan elections goes awry

Funniest thing to have happened in a week is this: One Afghan election card has a photograph of a blond Britney Spears next to a name which says 'Jamila', a fairly common Muslim name. If it had been James Bond as Muala Buksh or Beckham as Barish Khan, it could have been missed by a lot of men at Afghan polling station. But to make Britney into Jamila is taking things to far. And I am not sure if Britney really enjoyed that sort of name changing and even nationality changing.

Such picture, though being hilarious, nevertheless proves beyond doubt that Afghan polls are total sham. And USA, of all the countries, wishes to save its face on Afghan democracy reforms. I am not sure who will win - one which is supported by USA will win - but whoever does will have to face lots of criticism over the conduct of this elections - and probably lot of Britneys as nightmare.

I hope, for once in a century, rigging at Afghan polls are not connected to Pakistan or its intelligence agency, ISI. Pakistan has been a kicking bag for much of American media. And Indians have ridden the wagon on and off. I am yet to hear someone suggest that Pakistan may be involved. It is good news so far. And we hope it remains as such.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gojra violence

Gojra violence is the newest touted phenomenon across world media. And once again Pakistan is the key to it all. No matter how many Muslims and their kids are burnt alive by the blood-thirsty Ultra-Jewish Israelis, all incidents related to Pakistan make it to the world headlines. And no wonder this violent episode will remain on world debate for quite sometime. It will be used by all and sundry as one more reason why Pakistan should disintegrate; a good reason why Pakistan has to be called a failed state [sic].

According to wikipedia, 'Gojra (Punjabi, Urdu: گوجرہ), the capital of Gojra Tehsil, is a city of Toba Tek Singh District in the Punjab province of Pakistan[1], it is located at 33°16'60N 73°20'60E[2] and is located 30 miles (50 km) from Faisalabad,.. ' So you know, if you happen to be a fan of Saadat Hassan Manto that Toba Tek Singh is and has been part of violent, mentally short circuit culture of many parts of our region, specially that of South Punjab. I was, therefore, not surprised to hear from Dawn's analysis in monthly Herald that many of the most cultivated terrorists of Pakistan are actually coming down from Southern Punjab region including nearby Jhang. Further, it should not surprise any that the violence which killed 7 Christians in Gojra this Sunday was perpetuated by the men from Jhang and that it was supported at Police level. And considering the recent reports about an imminent operation in South Punjab by Pakistan Army [Punjabi-led Army higher ups are concerned about the fall out of this war zone] we know for certain that ISI officials must have known this mischievous act in the making. They did nothing speaks for itself about the quality of men we now have at all official levels: Army, Intelligence, Police and Ministers.

Damage has been done and now Shahbaz Sharif, who himself supports hardliner Wahabis and Jihadis, has ordered an inquiry. What for? Why did he and his minnows not stop the violence when it was perpetuated in broad daylight? Why O Why dear Minister? And no answers from his office or any such office are forthcoming. That itself is sad and speaks for all of us.

For me it goes to another level. For 11 long years, from Class 1 till completion of my O' Levels [Year 1999 Batch] I studied at one of the premier schools of the city, St. Michael's Convent School. It disturbs me no less that the Christians with whom I studied and who were well behaved would be treated in such a brazen, horrific manner. It is hopeless to note that certain elements within our country would want to destroy such a peaceful bunch of men and women. And more so to note that such elements operate with immunity across the country. They burn everything; they kill everyone. For them Islam and Prophet are but a step towards their own nefarious goal achievement strategy.

This incident, and the past incidents involving minorities in the country, clearly shows our apathy towards other faiths, towards other human beings. This incident would no doubt put a question mark over many Christians' minds. They have been inevitably forced to rethink their loyalty to Pakistan. It being August, month of our freedom, government should at all costs bring to gallows the men involved in this heinous crime. Instead of giving sweeping and long statements by ministers, we need to ask why this crime was done. And who did it.