Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nawaz Sharif and the Punjabi establishment

Nawaz Sharif is fast getting on the right track of becoming a PM of Pakistan. Or maybe the President. Not sure what but certainly Zardari is on a hook as Pakistani media, led by the likes of GEO group, is misinforming our public about the deeds of Nawaz and Zardari. Whatever happens in Pakistan is done by either of the two: Good is done by Nawaz; bad is done by Zardari. It is a zero sum game and the only winners are GEO and Nawaz PML. Pakistan and Zardari are the losers.

Our media and our public has conveniently forgotten the mis-deeds of this Punjabi demon, Nawaz Sharif. His infamous scheme of 'Karza Utaro, Pakistan bachao' in which he requested the unsuspecting poor men and women of Pakistan to give funds to government to support repayment of loans and hence, save Pakistan from collapse. Thousands upon thousands of poor men and women contributed their life worth of gold and silver and their savings so that Pakistan could be saved. But later they were to get the shock of their lives: All their money was gobbled up this monster former PM, Nawaz Sharif. No action was taken against him, no auditing was done on him. Our worthy CJ has failed to take up his rape of country's resources focusing only on the wrong doings of Zardari and the present government.

GEO network run by Jung press, that mafia of mafias, is running a campaign to kick out present government. Everyone is right about extra-ordinary inflation figures for this year; everyone knows we are on the brink of destruction. But why every Pakistani forgets that Nawaz and his lalas have much to answer for as well. But no one is asking tough questions from these Punjabi gunja babus. Everyone is asking for answers from Zardari only. In my opinion, Punjabi establishment is behind such a skewed version of 'facts'

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabvi (salahu alihi wasalam)

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KMC Head office building built during British Raj in what is now Karachi, Pakistan, is fully illuminated with yellow bulbs during Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabvi salahu alihi wasalam. Muslims all over the world celebrate the birth of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Salahu alihi wasalam on 12th Rabi-ul-Awal shareef, according to lunar Islamic calender.

And then there are so-called Muslims belonging to Wahabiya movement from Saudi Arab (inspired by Abdul Wahab Najdi) who call this shirk; who hate lighting of masjids and roads and public places in the name of Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam). These are the same people who would go to any length to light their homes when their sons and daughters are being married. These are the same people who kill innocent men and women from other religions in the name of Islam. This Wahabism created the likes of Osama bin Laden, Abu Sayaf in Indonesia and Abdul Malik Rigi, the Binoria town educated Wahabi terrorist who has terrorised Iran for so long.

Good News: Yesterday, Rigi was captured by Iranian officials while flying from Dubai to Central Asian republic.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turtle egg shells

Turtle beach, Karachi
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Hatched or eaten, marine turtle eggs lie at the beach popularly known as Turtle Beach due to arrival of hundreds of Olive Ridley and Green Turtles every winter. Due to protection provided by WWF officials many baby turtles survive stray dogs or stray humans. Others don't.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fort Munro, Punjab

Fort Munro, Punjab
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There is a Christian graveyard from British era here at the top of Fort Munro mountain. It was a favorite place for many British army officers, many of whom are now buried here.

Many of the tombstones have been either broken or stolen in past many decades which prompted authorities to cage the remaining heritage. As a nation we cannot and do not tolerate minority culture nor do we give a damn to historical artifacts and sites. That's a shame. This photograph was taken in 2005. I am not sure what became of this place.

This town straddles the Punjab-Baluchistan border.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cotton prices Rs5,060 per maund (Highest)

Newly minted Cotton
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KARACHI: Cotton prices on Wednesday soared to an all-time peak of Rs5,060 per maund on panic mill buying triggered in sympathy of another global price flare-up, analyst Naseem Usman said.

Quoting ginner sources, he said some of the forward deals on one month and 7-month credit from Dharki were finalised at Rs5,500 per maund.

But some other leading cotton analysts blamed the textile sector for the latest unprecedented price rise.

The market sources questioned the wisdom behind signing of forward deals for the still unsown cotton at Rs5,500 per maund as many crop basics could change during the intervening seven months.

The current spinner move linked to prices could well lead to the closure of the weaker links of the textile giants, they said, adding the grower will switch to cotton at the cost of other essential crops notably wheat.

“If the current price flare-up is sustained it could cause the virtual shutdown of several textile and spinning units,” warned a leading spinner.

The latest price flare-up was triggered by near-panic speculative buying in the New York futures by those countries which have harvested short crop under the lead of China, he said.

The New York cotton futures rose by 3.00 and 2.22 cents at 72.16 and 72.98 cents per lb for both the ruling March and the forward May contracts, respectively.

The current crop production is expected to touch the high mark of 13m bales, which is well below the annual consumption needs of the textile sector owing to a major breakthrough on the export front but in no way warrants speculative rise in lint prices, leading floor brokers said.

Official spot rates were quoted higher by Rs75 at Rs4,700 but in the ready section most of the deals were done well above them.

Mill ready off-take was on the higher side and totalled about 30,000 bales, the following being some of the notable deals.


2,193 bales, Dharki at Rs4,830, 600 bales each, Dharki on one and two month credit at Rs4,980 and Rs5,060, and 400 bales at Rs4,900, 3,000 bales, Khairpur at Rs4,940, delivery on March 15, and 3,200 bales, at Rs4,950.


1,000 bales each and 1,200 bales, Rahimyar Khan at Rs4,800-4,900 and 400 bales, Khanpur at Rs4,900, 500 bales, Mailsi at Rs4,800, 600 bales, Haroonabad at Rs4,850 and 400 bales, Faqirwali also at this rate.

[Dawn report Business pages of 11-02-2010]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mullah & Bollywood

Mullah & Bollywood
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A Pathan awaits his customers for a quick snap with top Bollywood actress. Regardless of what people might say, this man, like many other Pakistanis, have no qualms working with Indian imagery. He is earning his livelihood with honesty.

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New Friend Communication

This Eid let us not forget those who sleep on pavements. Let us not be intoxicated by lifeless advertisements. Let us not remain aloof from people who cannot, unlike you, sacrifice.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Straw boat, Haleji lake

Haleji lake
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A straw boat moves across the weed filled bank of the Haleji Lake, Sindh province, Pakistan. It is a designated wildlife sanctuary where birds in winter come from Siberia to nest and feed.

Kiln Factory

Kiln Factory
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Kiln worker takes a rest as his fellow workers continue to construct yet another brick tower, as it is known among them.

Kiln work is dangerous, tiring and earns only a pittance to hundreds of workers working there. Some of these workers are bonded labour, out here since last many decades and paying off the circular debt in which their masters have tricked them into. Despite much hard work done by Human Rights Organizations of Pakistan, many still remain bonded including women and children. Women are periodically raped, kept in chains and sometimes even murdered to avoid later legal hassles. These labourers often find no way out to protect their sisters and wives; only sometimes someone runs away into the safe hands of HR offices. Then only media gets to know the tragedies of these people.

As this kiln labour camp looked very legal, I found little resistance in photographing these men. But as the kiln owners still do not follow the mandated Rs.6000 per month, which is the minimum required pay for any type of labour in Pakistan, they still avoid cameras.

Haleji lake

Haleji lake
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These boatman on straw boats clean up the weeds at Haleji lake so that the lake is not chocked to death by these oxygen guzzling weed. One labour is given Rs.200 by the contractor employed to do the back breaking work. This project is being look after by the concerned dept. at the lake.

Among the mangroves

Among the mangroves
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Protecting the fragile mangrove system of the Indus Delta is our collective national responsibility. How many of us do it, we know.

You can read more about our mangrove system and what it does for our environment:

Crazy about National Geographics

The only reason for uploading this photograph of National Geographic Magazines is that I want to tell National Geographic editors and President that I have learned most of my photography skills by just reading and understanding the text and photographs appearing in these magazines. I have never had any class of either photography or journalism; I have never attended any photography-related workshop.

So, thank you for teaching me photography. Thank you to all the illustrations' editors, thanks to photo editors and text editors and thanks to all photographers who go to extreme lengths to take one, single, defining frame.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wahabism and the destruction of Pakistan

Abdul Wahab invented his own version of Islam and his followers soon named it Wahabism. This man was the perpetual hater of tombs of Muslim saints specially those belonging to the House of Prophet Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam). He also did not like the way Muslims respected Hazrat Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam) and his tribe. Abdul Wahab also categorically wanted to bring Islam back to 7th century. In his opinion the tombs did not exist then and were only constructed by Arab Christians and Jews. He also vehmently opposed anything which was new (Jiddat). His teachings were to later influence House of Saud, the present rulers of Saudi Arab (after whom the country is now named). Successive Wahabi-influenced rulers of Saudi Arab have demonstrated their pseudo-Islamic behaviour by destroying upto 10,000 graves and tombs of Sahabas (friends of Prophet) and that of Hazrat Bibi Khatija (RA), wife of Holy Prophet Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam), which were then present in Jannat-ul-Baqi. Wahabis also wished to destroy the Tomb of Hazrat Muhammmad (salahu alihi wasalam) but were not allowed to do so by the Ottomons, who were Sunnis. British government, which had helped Saudis to distance themselves from the ruling Turks, were tacitly helping the streak of Wahabism to spread far and wide. It would later become a scourge of the world, as the videos of 9/11 and 26/11 prove. Osama bin Laden, Shah Faisal of Saudi Arab, Mullanah Fazlullah, Hakeemullah Mehsud and countless others today openly profess Wahabism and are proud of what they are doing in the name of Islam.

As Pakistanis, we are under immense pressure from these so-called Jihadi groups who have maimed our country and killed countless men and women and children in the name of Islam. They kill randomly and at will. And the kill in the name of ALLAH, thus bringing entire Muslim population into disrepute. These pseudo mullahs earlier had their eyes on Iran but Iran's strict security measures on Pak-Iran border and Iran-Afghan border have prevented any sectarian killings within Iran.

Unfortunately, Wahabis seems to have a direct funding channel from Wahabi countries like Saudi Arab and UAE. Just like Shia terrorist groups seems to receive funding from Iran as a counter measure against rising tide of Wahabism in Pakistan. Lal Masjid, attacks of GHQ, countless murders of Shia doctors in 1990s and masjid-snatching by Wahabi organizations like Sippah-e-Sihabah are few examples of how Wahabism has gripped our country in terrorism. There seems to be no escape route for us Pakistanis. Nor does our government seems to have any ideas about how to stop this menace. The clear thing in all this is, as many commentators have pointed out, that some within Pakistan Army and ISI seems to be having a very soft corner for these murderous jihadis. Not only that, as the highly co-ordinated attacks in late 2009 in and around Rawalpindi and Islamabad have proven, these attacks are being planned inside and not outside the army areas. Certainly, someone is providing these Wahabi-led Jihadis into the heart of Pakistan army (aka GHQ). The brazen attacks on GHQ and later on a masjid which killed considerable number of former Pak Army officials was a gruesome reminder that this war has just started.

More unfortunate is the fact that, if you visit masjids in Karachi or Lahore or Quetta, consistently you will find Wahabi and Ahl-e-Hadith masjids full with praying men and children; the Friday sermons in these masjids are almost always anti-America and yet center of Wahabism, Saudi Arab, takes its all the army help including purchase of arms and ammunitions from USA. This the mullahs of Wahabis cannot see in Pakistan. Nor can they see that many of their leaders and cherished speakers like to travel to USA no matter what. Nothing against travelling to USA or Israel just that you should not bother the entire Pakistani nation with your hatred-filled sermons if you can't keep up or away from the Great Satan, the US.

If that wasn't the end, when I was doing my O' Levels from St. Michael's Convent School, Karachi in 1999, the Islamiat syllabus was based on Wahabi concept. That was the end of sanity for me then. It also clearly showed me that no matter how much the govt. of UK shows displeasure of men like Osama bin Laden, they are still willing to teach Muslims the lessons in Wahabism.

You get the point: English support Wahabis and not moderate Muslims. That's their agenda. No wonder then that Mr. Abdul Wahab is often called the agent of British.

Why Zardari should marry?

Not only Zardari but all my un-married friends must marry. A good reason is that I am married and I want others to follow suit. Much better reason is that I find too many commons among the un-married or the widowed men and women. They act lonely - and stupid - at times, for example. And they do silly things which ought not to be done. Like, running a country on nothing except hollow promises and lots of housewives in cabinets and parliament.

Today's Dawn states very clearly that only three-day fuel is left with the Hubco power plant. Not that is not the only reason why should Zardari marry. There are other, equally good reasons around. For instance, someone from USA reported that Pakistan stands among the top ten most corrupt countries in the world. We are also short of water and United Nations has clearly told us that we will run out of all drinkable water within 25 years.

If Zardari marries a cool woman, he would be immediately told to mend his ways and the ways of his spooky government. Allowing street fights in Karachi won't help his vote bank. It would only strengthen Altaf Bhai, who would then re-marry in London. So before Altaf bhai or Imran bhai re-marries, Zardari must re-marry. I am sure son of Zardari-Benazair, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (or Mr. Bilawal Zardari Bhutto) would not mind.

What if Zardari marries an odd woman. Well, here is how Pakistan would then operate:

1) All good-looking women of all the opposition parties would have their faces burnt with acid;

2) All rich women would be made poor;

3) All female maids would be dis-allowed near Zardari;

4) All shopping centers would be named Saukan Shaheed Benazir Funded Shopping Centers for Benefit of (new) Mrs. Zardari and Co.;

5) No more photo-ops for son and daughters of Benazir Bhutto;

6) And no more black ticketing outside cinema houses for Zardari fans;

and so on..........

These are perhaps the reasons why Zardari and my friends are not marrying. They are afraid that they will get a bad wife, who will shop on the funds provided by Asian Development Bank for the benefit of poor and down-trodden of this country.

But these are my views and Zardari needs not worry about them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Afridi, the cheater: Afridi, the Pathan

Pathans are known for doing things which sometimes feel extra-ordinary, naive and supremely stupid. Afridi is no different. When Pakistan is loosing a match and Afridi is at the pitch, he won't - will never - try and stay at the crease. Not for himself and not for his team. Come what may.

This time it is no different. And the story making rounds in world newspapers is not only embarrassing but outrageous. Afridi was caught on camera chewing the ball in our times when cameras can focus on a locust sitting on your opponent's butt. And so on. Cameras also capture the embarrassing rubs the players do while on the fields. So how could Afridi have gotten away from chewing the ball. This is not ball tampering; it is the rape of the cricket ball by a player who is loved by all lovers of cricket.

I am surprised, therefore, to find only a mild penalty of banning him for two 20-20s. Only two matches. That is a sick joke on the game itself. Please ban him for life. Playing for Pakistan is no reason to cheat. What he actually means is that in Pakistan cheating is considered safe, that it is good to cheat, and so on.

PCB is a sick body but it would be mentally retarded to leave Afridi on his own. Please ban him for life. Please. We are sick of such crooks.