Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nawaz Sharif and the Punjabi establishment

Nawaz Sharif is fast getting on the right track of becoming a PM of Pakistan. Or maybe the President. Not sure what but certainly Zardari is on a hook as Pakistani media, led by the likes of GEO group, is misinforming our public about the deeds of Nawaz and Zardari. Whatever happens in Pakistan is done by either of the two: Good is done by Nawaz; bad is done by Zardari. It is a zero sum game and the only winners are GEO and Nawaz PML. Pakistan and Zardari are the losers.

Our media and our public has conveniently forgotten the mis-deeds of this Punjabi demon, Nawaz Sharif. His infamous scheme of 'Karza Utaro, Pakistan bachao' in which he requested the unsuspecting poor men and women of Pakistan to give funds to government to support repayment of loans and hence, save Pakistan from collapse. Thousands upon thousands of poor men and women contributed their life worth of gold and silver and their savings so that Pakistan could be saved. But later they were to get the shock of their lives: All their money was gobbled up this monster former PM, Nawaz Sharif. No action was taken against him, no auditing was done on him. Our worthy CJ has failed to take up his rape of country's resources focusing only on the wrong doings of Zardari and the present government.

GEO network run by Jung press, that mafia of mafias, is running a campaign to kick out present government. Everyone is right about extra-ordinary inflation figures for this year; everyone knows we are on the brink of destruction. But why every Pakistani forgets that Nawaz and his lalas have much to answer for as well. But no one is asking tough questions from these Punjabi gunja babus. Everyone is asking for answers from Zardari only. In my opinion, Punjabi establishment is behind such a skewed version of 'facts'

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