Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wahabism and the destruction of Pakistan

Abdul Wahab invented his own version of Islam and his followers soon named it Wahabism. This man was the perpetual hater of tombs of Muslim saints specially those belonging to the House of Prophet Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam). He also did not like the way Muslims respected Hazrat Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam) and his tribe. Abdul Wahab also categorically wanted to bring Islam back to 7th century. In his opinion the tombs did not exist then and were only constructed by Arab Christians and Jews. He also vehmently opposed anything which was new (Jiddat). His teachings were to later influence House of Saud, the present rulers of Saudi Arab (after whom the country is now named). Successive Wahabi-influenced rulers of Saudi Arab have demonstrated their pseudo-Islamic behaviour by destroying upto 10,000 graves and tombs of Sahabas (friends of Prophet) and that of Hazrat Bibi Khatija (RA), wife of Holy Prophet Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam), which were then present in Jannat-ul-Baqi. Wahabis also wished to destroy the Tomb of Hazrat Muhammmad (salahu alihi wasalam) but were not allowed to do so by the Ottomons, who were Sunnis. British government, which had helped Saudis to distance themselves from the ruling Turks, were tacitly helping the streak of Wahabism to spread far and wide. It would later become a scourge of the world, as the videos of 9/11 and 26/11 prove. Osama bin Laden, Shah Faisal of Saudi Arab, Mullanah Fazlullah, Hakeemullah Mehsud and countless others today openly profess Wahabism and are proud of what they are doing in the name of Islam.

As Pakistanis, we are under immense pressure from these so-called Jihadi groups who have maimed our country and killed countless men and women and children in the name of Islam. They kill randomly and at will. And the kill in the name of ALLAH, thus bringing entire Muslim population into disrepute. These pseudo mullahs earlier had their eyes on Iran but Iran's strict security measures on Pak-Iran border and Iran-Afghan border have prevented any sectarian killings within Iran.

Unfortunately, Wahabis seems to have a direct funding channel from Wahabi countries like Saudi Arab and UAE. Just like Shia terrorist groups seems to receive funding from Iran as a counter measure against rising tide of Wahabism in Pakistan. Lal Masjid, attacks of GHQ, countless murders of Shia doctors in 1990s and masjid-snatching by Wahabi organizations like Sippah-e-Sihabah are few examples of how Wahabism has gripped our country in terrorism. There seems to be no escape route for us Pakistanis. Nor does our government seems to have any ideas about how to stop this menace. The clear thing in all this is, as many commentators have pointed out, that some within Pakistan Army and ISI seems to be having a very soft corner for these murderous jihadis. Not only that, as the highly co-ordinated attacks in late 2009 in and around Rawalpindi and Islamabad have proven, these attacks are being planned inside and not outside the army areas. Certainly, someone is providing these Wahabi-led Jihadis into the heart of Pakistan army (aka GHQ). The brazen attacks on GHQ and later on a masjid which killed considerable number of former Pak Army officials was a gruesome reminder that this war has just started.

More unfortunate is the fact that, if you visit masjids in Karachi or Lahore or Quetta, consistently you will find Wahabi and Ahl-e-Hadith masjids full with praying men and children; the Friday sermons in these masjids are almost always anti-America and yet center of Wahabism, Saudi Arab, takes its all the army help including purchase of arms and ammunitions from USA. This the mullahs of Wahabis cannot see in Pakistan. Nor can they see that many of their leaders and cherished speakers like to travel to USA no matter what. Nothing against travelling to USA or Israel just that you should not bother the entire Pakistani nation with your hatred-filled sermons if you can't keep up or away from the Great Satan, the US.

If that wasn't the end, when I was doing my O' Levels from St. Michael's Convent School, Karachi in 1999, the Islamiat syllabus was based on Wahabi concept. That was the end of sanity for me then. It also clearly showed me that no matter how much the govt. of UK shows displeasure of men like Osama bin Laden, they are still willing to teach Muslims the lessons in Wahabism.

You get the point: English support Wahabis and not moderate Muslims. That's their agenda. No wonder then that Mr. Abdul Wahab is often called the agent of British.

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