Sunday, April 25, 2010

American Pepper Steak

American Pepper Steak
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A wonderful steak prepared recently by my mother was one of the best I have ever had. It was a salsa sauced steak and therefore very spicy and extremely tasty. Green peas are a must along with HP original sauce with mustard sauce and french fries. I also tried this steak with baked potatoes with cream topping. And again the results were outstanding. Onions were profusely available but to avoid pungent smell they were cooked red. The meat was undercut came from Macro superstore, Karachi. Again, it was my mother who shopped for all the ingredients. She is an expert at food cooking. She always has been.

My comment on Shoib's media valima

I see no reason why our media is going haywire with Shoib's valima. He is not a superstar cricketer. And he does not enjoy widespread popularity among the masses as does Afridi or Yosuf. And he is still banned. Moreover, apart from one cricketer no one has publicly congratulated him for his marriage. Jealousy? Likely. But it is very clear to me that Pakistani media, like the dead-brain Indian media, is just being carried away. And people are loving it. For they have no source of happiness at present. And electric problems and economic voes of contributed immensely to this drama. When this media honeymoon subsides, I think Sania will feel that her decision has come a bit quicker than it should have been.

[Posted here at Express Tribune paper]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Private gun-man, Mahram

Private Gun Man, Mahram
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Private gun man stands alert at an historic town of Mahram, now a dead city after water changed its course. This place had survived for atleast past 200 years but is now not used since last 15 years or so.

We took this gun man along for our own security as this dead town is now used by all sorts of out laws of Baluchistan. The heat was stifling that day but we can see the stiffness of this Baluch guard under a burning sun.

This place is reachable via Bhag Nari, a small town in Baluchistan. Bhag may be reached via main highway connecting Karachi with Quetta.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For sale, Mithi bazaar

Salesman, Mithi
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Visiting Mithi is a great experience for anyone remotely interested in desert life or a bazaar which stretches into history. Well, some the construction is pre-partition, something which features randomly across much of Pakistan but is fast going down due to mushrooming mega projects.

I went to Mithi Desert rally and stumbled in a shop which was just a jumbled collection of collectibles collected from poor, dying, starving women. Well, that's what the Hindu Banya salesman told me there. And being banyas they are wonderful salespeople. Polite and very understanding, they can sell you anything. And they sold me this extraordinary piece of history for I don't know what amount. It shall always remain in my possession INSHALLAH until, off course, I decide to sell it for thousands of US Dollars!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cake photo shoot

Cake from Heaven
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I almost never do any commercial shoots. But I did this mini-shoot for my good Memon friend, Ismail's friend, Irfan Bhai, owner of United King bakery. Although the shoot did not come out nicely, I really like this shot of mine. It shows a chocolate cake lit up by the bulbs overhead. This photograph was used for billboards as well, installed near Khalid bin Waleed road. Then the shot was taken off. I never got paid for this one, though.

Monday, April 12, 2010


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People often ask me about my favourite shot. Well, there are a few. But they want to know one definite photograph which I think marks me as a photographer. And which is unique and memorable. So I tend to show them this one from Bhag Nari, Baluchistan.

It was a lucky shot of sorts. My camera was in my hand, fresh from USA via Naureen to Adeel, who handed over to me. Sandstorm had just arrived. And this person, mamoo of my good Sindhi friend, Ali Pahore, was sitting and talking away when Sandstorm thrashed everything around. It was so fast and so furious. And such a lovely site to watch. Just remarkable. And I am still proud of this shot.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pakistan Through a Lens

London Exhibition
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An exhibition of photographs of Pakistan is being presently held at Redbridge Museum, 1st Floor, London, U.K. This exhibition showcases various aspects of Pakistan using photographs taken from across the country by people who are generally not professional photographers. This makes this exhibition much more honest and down-to-earth. And thanks to ALLAH that there are only a few celebrity-status photographers out here. So don't wait for a clinched exhibit. It is very fresh and because most of the photographers are not full time photographers, rest assured that the photographs have been taken for pure pleasure and interest of the main subject rather than for few financial gains.

I have three of my photographs exhibited much thanks to Sadia Malik, a British national of Pakistani origin who actually kick-started this wonderful exhibition.

I hope that all will go well. Will update you soon with the shots of the exhibit once they arrive in my inbox.

Exhibition Opening Times: [ 8th April - 19th June ]

Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hindu metal workers, Thar

Hindu metal workers working their craft in Thar region, Pakistan. Hindus are still in majority in some southern parts of Pakistan, a region which borders India. Unfortunately, due to prevailing injustice in the country against minorities and a general lack of order, many Hindu families have gone to India recently. With lax visa rules for Pakistani Hindus, India has become an easy place to go.

Heritage: Chitrori

Heritage: Chitrori
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Chitori Tombs are a fascinating sight for anyone who is even remotely interested in Arts and Architecture of the people gone dead. These tombs belong to Talpurs who were ousted by the wily British. Today, their tombs stand in utter desolation.

Photograph and feature, both by me, was published by Friday Times on 20th October, 2006.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Toy tractor is non-toxic

My Toy tractor
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I love toys. And I have been lucky enough to have played with some of the most brilliant, non-toxic toys in the world. Simply because my good father always thoughtfully bought me some cute and workable dinkeys, including this German tractor model, from across Europe and even South Asian states.

But today I am sure many Pakistanis don't get good toys. Simply because they cannot afford to buy non-toxic toys for their kids. As per a report published in Dawn recently, it was revealed that most toy samples collected from across Karachi carried high levels of toxic chemicals in them. As the report said,

'Laboratory tests carried out on a number of imported toys randomly collected from city markets have shown that they contain high levels of toxic metals and chemicals..................toxic elements include lead, cadmium and various types of phthalates. '

One can imagine the consequences of playing with such toys may have on our future generation. But sadly, as the report suggests, no government body is there to see what is happening. And, as rising reports of abnormalities rise, we can see the darkness ahead.

I hope someone will rise above business-mindedness and help save our children from the dangers of toxic toys.