Sunday, April 25, 2010

My comment on Shoib's media valima

I see no reason why our media is going haywire with Shoib's valima. He is not a superstar cricketer. And he does not enjoy widespread popularity among the masses as does Afridi or Yosuf. And he is still banned. Moreover, apart from one cricketer no one has publicly congratulated him for his marriage. Jealousy? Likely. But it is very clear to me that Pakistani media, like the dead-brain Indian media, is just being carried away. And people are loving it. For they have no source of happiness at present. And electric problems and economic voes of contributed immensely to this drama. When this media honeymoon subsides, I think Sania will feel that her decision has come a bit quicker than it should have been.

[Posted here at Express Tribune paper]

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