Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Toy tractor is non-toxic

My Toy tractor
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I love toys. And I have been lucky enough to have played with some of the most brilliant, non-toxic toys in the world. Simply because my good father always thoughtfully bought me some cute and workable dinkeys, including this German tractor model, from across Europe and even South Asian states.

But today I am sure many Pakistanis don't get good toys. Simply because they cannot afford to buy non-toxic toys for their kids. As per a report published in Dawn recently, it was revealed that most toy samples collected from across Karachi carried high levels of toxic chemicals in them. As the report said,

'Laboratory tests carried out on a number of imported toys randomly collected from city markets have shown that they contain high levels of toxic metals and chemicals..................toxic elements include lead, cadmium and various types of phthalates. '

One can imagine the consequences of playing with such toys may have on our future generation. But sadly, as the report suggests, no government body is there to see what is happening. And, as rising reports of abnormalities rise, we can see the darkness ahead.

I hope someone will rise above business-mindedness and help save our children from the dangers of toxic toys.

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