Monday, February 1, 2010

Afridi, the cheater: Afridi, the Pathan

Pathans are known for doing things which sometimes feel extra-ordinary, naive and supremely stupid. Afridi is no different. When Pakistan is loosing a match and Afridi is at the pitch, he won't - will never - try and stay at the crease. Not for himself and not for his team. Come what may.

This time it is no different. And the story making rounds in world newspapers is not only embarrassing but outrageous. Afridi was caught on camera chewing the ball in our times when cameras can focus on a locust sitting on your opponent's butt. And so on. Cameras also capture the embarrassing rubs the players do while on the fields. So how could Afridi have gotten away from chewing the ball. This is not ball tampering; it is the rape of the cricket ball by a player who is loved by all lovers of cricket.

I am surprised, therefore, to find only a mild penalty of banning him for two 20-20s. Only two matches. That is a sick joke on the game itself. Please ban him for life. Playing for Pakistan is no reason to cheat. What he actually means is that in Pakistan cheating is considered safe, that it is good to cheat, and so on.

PCB is a sick body but it would be mentally retarded to leave Afridi on his own. Please ban him for life. Please. We are sick of such crooks.

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