Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why no-one shoots Pakistan Cricket Team?

Yes, that's the point: Why no one shoots Pakistan Cricket team and dump their bodies on the pitches where IPL is to be played? Why, O, why?

After continuously making clowns of themselves and of the general public (me and you and our dolly President, Zardari bhai) and saying all sorts of bachkana things like the one statement given by Umer Akmal on the dismissal of his brother, Kamran, after horrible four dropped catches by the big bro.

And now, Pakistan has lost badly the second one day against Australia. Margin? Australia scored 267 earlier whereas lame duck Pakistanis scored 127 All Out. And still yet, they are as shameless as ever. Their beards are not helping them hide the infighting which seems to be taking place among the various team members at the moment. We have too many former captains in line in this team, which may be contributing to such horrible showing in Australia. Shahid Afridi, Shoib Malik and Yonus Khan are among the former captains. How can they accept the captaincy of Yosuf, who is a loose captain in any case?

Is it the right time to over haul the entire cricket setup. Needless to say, yes. A big Yes. And we need to give PCB to Imran Khan. No other person at the moment seems to know any cricket management. And please, Javed Miandad, you shut up your big mouth. Thanks.

Oh, please do not shoot Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif and Umer Gul and that brilliant Hindu bowler, Denish Kaneria. Shoot all the batsmen, though!

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Anonymous said...

You wrote, apparently seriously, "Shoot all the batsmen".

The Pakistan police have a public website. I am going to report you for threatening others with murder. Disgusting, shameful man! No wonder your country is considered to be the worst on the planet... idiots like you are to be found.