Tuesday, January 19, 2010

World Press Photo Competition

For photojournalists worldwide World Press Photo is like Oscars for movie stars and directors. It has been that way since 1955, when the awards were first announced. It was Danish Mogens von Haven who won that award. And since then highest standards of photojournalism have been set. Each year, those standards get higher and higher as more and more photographers jump into the competition. Last year over 96,000 photographs were submitted to the competition of which off course one won the top honours.

I have been participating in this competition since last five years. As only few Pakistanis participate I feel honoured to be representing my country at this highest level. Although I have seldom chance of winning this competition this time around, I am keeping my fingers and my brain crossed. Every year there are a few surprises and hitherto new photographer gets some prize or the other.

So let's wait for 12th Feb, 2009, when the official results would be announced.

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