Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christian boxers turn Madani babus

Recently a news item hit me on the face: Christian boxers, 6 of them, had turned Muslim during a boxing competition held in Karachi. This despite the fact that Islam and Pakistan are continuously despised by western media led by Fox and CNN. Or perhaps they never watched CNN in their lives that they became Muslims? We won't know except that they had themselves told the media that they were, the words of CAR coach Mohammad Kalambaye - and as reported in Dawn of 6th Jan, 2010,
'the boxers were impressed by the teachings of Islam and Pakistan’s hospitality.inspired by the message of Islam.'

This event was the major event in Pakistan's calendar after a deadly attack on Sri Lankan team, perpetuated no doubt by Indian RAW agency, and was named after assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. Six of the Christian boxers who converted to Islam are from Central African Republic (CAR) - Yagor Gbodo, Selebange Welcome, Niamogui Songnekani, NGoko Bongui, Ndarash and Bongola. Other three are Mendoua Blase, Ketchemi Joseph Justin and Tchwem Justin belonging to Cameroon.

This is a major setback, no doubt, to the anti-Islamic men and women from entire Hindu and Christian world. No wonder then that their counterparts across the world have simply failed to report this event. Even in Pakistan many channels reported this event in the passing.

All these lucky boxers now are part of Dawat-e-Islami tehreek.

ALLAH bless them and us. Ameen.

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