Monday, December 1, 2008

'Operation Clean-up' by Altaf Hussain (MQM)

It is very clear to me and to many other Karachi-wallas who is actually behind the murders of innocent, hard-working, labour class Pathans. It is apparent also that PPP govt. has given a tactical approval for disturbances in the city and that it has stopped Pakistan Army, ever so professional, in clearing the city of trouble makers. Why Zardari supports Altaf's policies in Karachi is not very clear beyond the idea that both are playing into the hands of West and possibly India and that they intend to cause maximum casualty to Pathans in Karachi. At the time of filing of this blog around 39 people are said to be dead in three days and over 100 are injured in various cross-firing incidents.

Are these events related to Mumbai terror attacks? Many Pakistanis believe they are. But one can say with some surety that even before the holy month of Ramazan there were rumours about an incoming 'operation clean-up' and that many Urdu-speaking people of Karachi (mohajirs, as they are called here for they migrated from India in 1947-48) were talking about some big killing spree against Pathans. One even told me, with fear writ large on his face, that how would mohajirs kill the fearless Pathans when even American / NATO appartus has failed to dampen their spirits in so many years? He was right on target but many mohajir miscreants, who are killing poor Pathans, are not.

But another angle of all this drama is why PPP-led govt. has failed to stop the massacres of so many Pathans and other common travellers in and around Sohrab Goth area? Why our Rangers have done almost nothing to stop this banging of peace. Already Karachi has been worst hit by pre-Eid inflation, drowning business prospects (much thanks to Khanani and Kalia's arrests), and the overall sadness prevailing in the city.

Will someone ask Altaf Hussain why can't he and his followers, now doing rounds in killing Pathans across much of Karachi, put their feet down and stop this cold blooded murder of innocent civilians? Will his Mohajir followers, who give life for him, question him on his role as a murderer of Karachi? Will any sane Mohajir step out and say sorry to hundreds of affected Pathan families, people who've had no control over anything regarding politics. But simply because they are Pathans they are being killed. As Mohajirs have traditionally called Karachi 'their city' it is their duty, if they have been innocent all through this carnage, to come out, speak against these events, and mark the offenders.

Long live Karachi!


Anonymous said...

My dear
firstly i would say AAMIN to your pray at the last line for Karachi.
either you are very innocent or very clever by imposing all the blame to one party, I m not defending here to any one, but what i see in the Pakistan specially in Karachi from my childhood (My father came to Karachi when i was 1 year old) is using the one group against other.
There is a hidden hand who broke the PPP in two parts, who broke the MQM in two parts in 1992, these are the two parties in Sindh having roots in the people and people still like them.
when the hidden hand fails to break the MQM now they are trying to unite the Pakhtoon People with Arms and lethal ammunition, because every one knows that ANP had loose its people support in the past. this is another try by the Hidden hand against the Party who govern the Karachi.
i know that MQM has militant group like other parties have accros Pakistan, this is a problem of Federal Government, blaming to any one party is not justice.
every citizen of Karachi knows that who are behind the LOOT MAR, and fire on 27th December 2007 in karachi.
please check the following link what has been said Dawn in 2007 Jan


Ameer Hamza said...

You are spot on when you mention Dawn's article about Afghan terrorism. Punjab govt. was right when it disallowed any Afghan bastis to be set-up permanently inside Punjab. But govt. of Sindh and that of NWFP were to lean and today we are facing multiple problems on our city's main route to the outside world. It is sad that every successive govt. has failed to dislodge them from their place and lot of legal owners have lost their properties.

But my point of this blog is that when MQM claims Karachi to be their main vote bank why can't they remove these illegal Afghans. What is the use of killing a common Pathan, who is the citizen of Pakistan just like a Sindhi or a mohajir.

Anonymous said...

In the recent riots, Pathan Talibans are not only torturing and murdering Mohajir Men and Women they are also kidnapping and rapping Mohajir Girls

Here is the video evidence

Ameer Hamza said...

Thank you for the links. These are only interviews, as I can understand, and such provide no exclusive coverage or evidence for your claims.

Jamali said...

What you can expect from a fascist organization

luk at these links