Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dost ki nani and other ideas...

I attended funeral rites of my friend's nani yesterday at around 10:20pm near Airport and following happened:

1) Not even half of the men attending the funeral wore their caps. That's strange and new for me.

2) Most of the closest relatives of Nani wore trousers and shirts rather than the traditional shalwar kameez. Many wore T-shirts and it gave an impression that many were there to show people that they were there and not for any religious purpose, whatsoever.

3) During funeral, many people were just either talking with each other or attending to their mobile phones. No one cared for the rites and no one really asked them to shut off the mobile. Such are the Muslims of our times!

4) When finally, after much hankering, time came to lower the body into the grave not even one person knew exactly how to do it. No one really was sure where should the cloth be placed below the dead body. I was appalled at my own lack of knowledge.

5) Atleast Atif bhai, cousin of Uzair, knew that one should not wear any sandals or shoes while inside the grave.

6) Every second person was either standing on someone else's grave or jumping over them, citing lack of space available. I have always found this in bad taste. For instance, how would you feel about the person standing on your mother's grave? Ask this question and wait for a tight slap.

7) No one really bothered to give any azan after the rites and the prayers have been said.

8) No one, save one person, knew that while reciting the first Sura of Al-Bakra, one must point his finger towards the head of the deceased.

And then we say we are good Muslims!

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Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

you raised very good points. We must contemplate on our own situation. God does not change the nation unless it changes itself.