Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Pirs and Hobbies

Recently, while searching for some item at, I came across a very self-centered website of an incredibly self-centered political and religious leader, Pir Pagara.

His personal website,, displays his hobbies in no nonsense terms. It states, under the grand title: []


* Pir Sahib is very fond of Hunting some areas as Awadh is reserved for.

* Pir Sahib hunting where no body else is allowed to hunt.

* Pir Sahib is very fond of horses and horse racings. He has many horses of high breed, which often win the races Karachi race club has been restored only with Pir Sahib's efforts.

* Forecasting is also hobby of Pir Sahib. His Political forecast often comes true.

No wonder than that most of the Pakistanis, under such Pirs and Faqeers, remain illiterate and highly charged, senseless people. No wonder that Pakistan today finds itself under immense pressure from all fronts. When our so-called great leaders have over the head hobbies such as stated above, Pakistanis can safely go to the doldrums.


Mohiuddin said...

My dear Hamza, it is not sensible to treat every Pir, Faqeer in same manner, remember that in our region sub-continent true Islam spread through the blessings of Pir/Faqeers, notably Khwaja Mooenuddin Chishty Ajmeri.

Also a fact people copy or try to immitate real things or things of worth, for example a person will never print a forged 500 rupee note in red color, he will definitely try to print in the exact color as of the original currency note, like wise persons immitating Pirs/ Faqeer is the evidence there still exist real Pir/Faqqer whose blessing are still enjoyed by us.

So my dear never try to dishonor Pir/Faqeers as your faith is indebted to them.

Ameer Hamza said...

Thank you Mr. Mohiuddin for your valuable comments. I am personally a follower of Pirs / Faqeers as I belong to Barelvi sect of Sunnism. Therefore, it must be noted that I and my family and all Muslims are indebted to the Saints and Pirs for us being Muslims. It was due to their efforts that our ancestors converted to Islam.

This piece was meant to mention those pirs who are fake, about whom even Muhammad Allama Iqbal also cautioned us in his great poetry.