Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to stop illegal CNIC users in SIMS

Recently PTA has announced albeit secretly that any mobile user in Pakistan who wishes to know whether anyone is illegally using his CNIC number for any un-authorized SIM can message 668 his complete CNIC and receive message.


If your CNIC number is Xa-XXXXXXX-bX and your mobile number is 0300-9200000 and if you wish to confirm whether anyone is using SIM on your CNIC simply type the following:

TO : 668
Message : XaXXXXXXXbx [type your CNIC without any dash instead of this code].

You will recieve message from PTA about the various Mobile SIMS using your ID illegally, if any. For example, I received the following message:


Which means there are 7 TELENOR numbers using my CNIC illegally. And there are 4 WARID Numbers doing the same. But 2 and not 3 MOBILINK numbers doing the same [as one number is my own].

It is my humble request that without wasting any further time, please use this facility and stop people from using your CNIC illegally.

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