Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making jalebis, Lahore

Making jalebis, Lahore
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There is something about eating from the stalls situated just outside the Tombs / Shrines of Saints in Pakistan. There is a certain aroma suffused with mysticism and religion a combination, which has been acceptable to majority of Muslims since its inception. Today, however, this form of Islam is under direct threat from Saud-Wahabi-Salafi funded terrorists - not Jihadis, mind you - in the form of suicide bombings and killings. First it was Rehman Baba in Peshawar, the Bari Imam near Islamabad, then Data Darbar, the most revered Saint in Pak-Hind region. Now, they have blown up the gates of Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA) in Karachi and Baba Fareed Gunj Shakar (RA) in Pak Pattan, a place I so love.

The place photographed above is just outside the Tomb of Shah Hussain and Madho Lal in Lahore.

Photograph shot during a road trip from Karachi to Jhelum in 2008.

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