Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arab.....?

Tunisia down. Egypt down. At least the USA and Israel friendly president is gone, not the US friendly army. But someone has gone after 30 years. That alone should make Egyptians very happy indeed. Now Libya is in full swing. Over 200 protesters have been shot dead within these last 3 days or so. Al Jazeera website is reporting that foreign mercenaries, using high grade weapons, may be involved in indiscriminate shootings at the funeral yesterday. There is a point here: No good Muslim soldier or policeman would ever dare fire at the Muslim funeral. But a Christian or a Jew just might. I think this report is credible enough to demand world attention. After all, Mr. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, the Libyan President, has been an American stooge since last so many years one can't just keep count on him. And his most strange habit of keeping women guards, pitching his tents wherever he travels to and his Ukranian nurse having big breasts, is all too well known now. But what should be very clear is that far from being an American enemy number 1, he is their friend. For their sake, he has kept his own people below poverty line, sold out his vast oil reserves to dubious Western companies, and has betrayed the trust of his fellow Muslims. For this alone this man and his entire cabinet should be dismissed and a trial held. I am really surprised that still there are people left - and they appear to be in thousands - who can still demand revolution. They are dying, falling like soldiers in a Hollywood movie, asking for a change. Libya's President must be very angry for he has surely ordered every protester dead. They are not shooting rubber bullets anymore, if we understand running commentary over Al Jazeera tweets, they are shooting real bullets and killing everyone in their way. This is a great tumultuous time for the embattled Middle East and the greatest puppet of them all, King of Saudi Arab (a Najdi not a Hashmite, mind you) must be very much concerned for his own throne, which was gifted to his ancestors by the scheming British spies displacing Ottoman overlords. Now it is a reversal time. USA, Israel and Europe, whose friends these bloody dictators have been all the way, are now being replaced. And I am sure CIA, MI6,7,5 or Mossad would be looking for newer, fresher puppets to replace the old stooges.


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