Sunday, March 13, 2011

25 men killed by our own FC?

I got call yesterday from someone who witnessed first hand these events. That person is a Sindhi-Baloch and is a permanent resident of Dera.

He informed me that there was an attack on FC convoy in which one man, presumably of the FC, was killed. In retaliation, FC men indiscriminately started firing towards the local people, who were running halter shelter to save their lives after the bomb blast. Instead of understanding the situation FC started firing and killing. One of the relatives of my friend, who related this incidence to me, was also shot dead inside his own shop which happens to be nearby the place of bomb attack. In total, 25 men were killed by FC men. Many more are injured. I think Tribune should carry out more research as the numbers of dead might as well increase.

In a sad tone my friend told me that he did not object to the presence of FC in his province before this incident. But from now on he demands, like all residents of embattled province of Balochistan, that these killer FC men be brought to justice. But he also told me that he cannot imagine our crooked Army and Court officials to take a stand against FC. So the sufferers would remain the poor and the down trodden of Balochistan.

I would like to hear the version of Pak Army / FC about this incidence.

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