Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red chilli market, Kunri, Sindh

I like this photograph for a simple reason that whenever I look at it I smile a lot. It was a nice day with lot of spices up my nose. In my whole life, I had never witnessed so many red chillies in one place. So many that I later claimed that it must be the largest chilli market in Asia, if not in the whole world. Rows upon rows of chilli would be graded, packed and loaded after intense bargaining between the owner and the middle man.

Most of the growers of chilli in Pakistan are Hindu banyas and they tend to wear starched white kamiz shalwar. They always look stately in their dresses but most of them are very down to earth. The middle man are usually very cunning and come from Punjab or Karachi. At the end of the day, everyone wins. Sometimes, un-expected rains may spoil the crop but apart from that everything is good - and red.

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