Saturday, February 9, 2013

Historical graves, Shahpur Chakar

Via Flickr:
First, humans destroyed this site by looting it. Then, River Indus came marching in. The floods of 2010 displaced millions of Pakistanis and destroyed some of the most beautiful, historical sites of Pakistan. This was one of them. There was no one to document it. The misery of people far outwighted concern for historical tombs and masjids. Many of the graves lost their stones and their souls. It must have been a sad day.

One local Sindhi recalled with disgust the attitude of PPP-led government towards people displaced due to mega floods. No one was given any shelter and people were forced to help themselves. Still, they - or anyone else - cannot be allowed to steal stones. I also suspect NGOs and foreigners. They have always been culprits in Pakistan.

[ Photograph shot on Feb 5, 2013 with Nikon D7000 ]

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