Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Earthquake memories

When I heard about earthquake in Ziarat, Baluchistan, I instantly recalled Kashmir earthquake in 2005 early morning. Atleast 75,000 people died; many school going kids were either attending classes or where waiting to attend one. People were busy in markets and everyone was doing something. Only few people were sleeping. According to conservating estimates around 73,000 perished that day or due to that earthquake. Here, I am pasting some earliest news alerts which appeared at that time on Dawn website:

Confirmed death toll in quake passes 1,800: officials ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (AFP) The confirmed death toll in Saturday's massive earthquake, which rocked India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, has passed 1,800, officials said. "The death toll is between 550 and 600 in North West Frontier Province and it is likely to rise," Riffat Pasha, the provincial head of police said. Some 250 people were confirmed dead and thousands more injured in Muzaffarabad,a government official said adding that "there is a massive devastation in the city.” "Village after village has been wiped out" in Azad Kashmir, an army relief official said from Muzaffarabad said. "The Neelum River has been blocked because whole villages have fallen into the water," the official added. (Posted @ 20:35 PST).

82 people pulled out alive from Islamabad’s tower blocks ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (Reuters): In Islamabad, 82 people were pulled out alive from two multi-storey apartment blocks that were reduced to rubble. But a government official said that rescuers also found the bodies of 10 people including seven Pakistanis, an Egyptian and two Japanese, one of whom was a two-year-old child. (Posted @ 23:35 PST)

200 Pakistani soldiers among quake dead ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (AFP) Around 200 Pakistani soldiers died in a major earthquake that struck the region on Saturday, the military said. "Some 200 army men have died in the earthquake," a military spokesman said. Military spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan gave the same figure to a local private channel. Most are believed to have died in Azad Kashmir, where Pakistan has tens of thousands of troops stationed along Line of Control. (Posted @ 22:50 PST)

About 400 Pakistani school children dead in quake PESHAWAR, Pakistan, Oct 8 (Reuters) About 400 school children were killed in north-western Pakistan when a quake struck the region on Saturday and their schools collapsed, police said. "Three-hundred-and-fifty school children have been killed in a school in Mansehra district and 50 were killed in another school in the same district," said provincial police chief Riffat Pashar. "The situation is very bad, the figure has gone to about 1,000 feared dead in North West Frontier province," he said. (Posted @ 22:05 PST)

1000 killed in Azad Kashmir; 300 killed in occupied Kashmir ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (Reuters)

Relief Cell established in Prime Minister House ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (APP): "Earthquake Relief Cell" has been established in Prime Minister House. It will work round the clock and will receive complaints from the earthquake affectees. The phone numbers are: 9213891 or 9222999. Earthquake Relief Cell has also been established in the Ministry of Interior.(Posted @ 16:15 PST)

President's relief fund established for earthquake victims Islamabad, Oct 8 PPI

China sends 50-member rescue team to Pakistan ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (APP): China has rushed to Pakistan a 50-member strong search and rescue team to assist in search and rescue operations in the earthquake affected areas of Pakistan. The team also comprises of paramedics and is carrying the latest equipment for rescue operations. (Posted @ 23:10 PST)

Ireland pledges million euros in earthquake aid for Pakistan DUBLIN, Oct 8 (AFP) The Irish government Saturday pledged an initial one million euros (1.2 million dollars) to assist with immediate needs to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake in northern Pakistan. The initial funding will be available for the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations. (Posted@20:39)

Massive earthquake jolts Bannu district BANNU, Oct 08 (APP): The massive earthquake jolted Bannu district at about 8.51 am Saturday morning and the tremors continued for about one minute. Officials said no report of any damage to life or property had so far been received from any part of the district.(Posted @ 16:15 PST)

Earthquake jolts Sialkot SIALKOT, Oct 8 (APP)- Strong earthquake jolted Sialkot and its adjoining areas on Saturday at 8.52 a.m. People came out from their homes and work places and ran out for safety.. No loss of life or property has so far been reported from any part of the district.(Posted @ 11:15 PST)

Earthquake jolts Sheikhupura city SHEIKHUPURA, Oct 8 (APP): An earthquake of severe intensity jolted Sheikhupura at about 9 a.m. on Saturday and caused damage to a number of buildings including the upper portion of the historic Sheikhupura Fort. People rushed out of homes, offices etc. A number of telephone and electricity poles were uprooted.(Posted @ 11:15 PST)

Earthquake jolts Joharabad JAUHRABAD, Oct 8 (APP)- An earthquake of severe intensity jolted Jauhrabad city and its adjoining areas at 8:52 a.m.Saturday. The tremors continued for about one minute. So far no loss of life or property was reported from any part .(Posted @ 11:10 PST)

Earthquake rocks Sargodha city SARGODHA, Oct 8 (APP): An earthquake of severe intensity struck the town and its adjoining areas at about 9.00 a.m here Saturday.According to reports, tremors continued for about 2 minutes but no casuality has so far been reported from any part of the city.(Posted @ 11:10 PST)

Earthquake jolts Lahore LAHORE, Oct 8 (APP)- An earthquake of great intensity jolted the Provincial Capital on Saturday at 8.51 a.m. and lasted for about one minute. The strong earthquake forced the people to come out of their houses and office buildings. Damage to buildings has been reported from some parts of the city but details are awaited. The government has ordered all agencies to get into top gear to face emergency.(Posted @ 11:08 PST)

Massive earthquake jolts Multan, Vehari MULTAN, Oct 8 (APP): A massive earthquake jolted the Multan city at about 8.54 a.m. Saturday . The tremors continued for about one minute. Civil Defence officials told APP that so far no report of any damage to any property or loss to life had been reported from any part of the city.Tremors were felt at 8.54 a.m. and continued for 55 seconds, officials said.(Posted @ 11:05 PST)

And, finally, with a touch of irony, one report said this:

No earthquake in Balochistan QUETTA, Oct 8 (APP): No tremors were felt across Balochistan on Saturday morning, Director Met Office Quetta Zia Khan told APP.(Posted @ 14:00 PST)

Well, now a 6.4 Ritcher scale earthquake has arrived...

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