Monday, June 22, 2009

I am happy, I am happy

I am happy, a term one heard last night when celebrations erupted across Pakistan and everywhere else where Pakistan damned Sri Lanka to 8 wicket victory. It was the match to behold, and as everyone had predicted, KESC dared not switch off electricity or else...

The celebrations were phenomenal, keeping in mind the grim situation Pakistan has been facing since the loss of Benazir Bhutto. Even the ever-joyed President was over-joyed and hastily announced Rs. 1 Million cash rewards for Afridi and Yonus Khan.

I have never been a fan of Pakistani cricket ever since my favs Inzi, Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar and Waqar Yonus retired from the scene. Their absence have made all the difference. But now, with this increasingly important victory, Pakistan looks right back on the track. And with the future inclusions of Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Yousuf, Pakistan will be a formidable team in world Cricket - INSHALLAH & GOD WILLING.

Yesterday, I was with my school friend, Habib Effendi, at his posh home at Defence phase 2. We are around 12 there and we sat chattering over glasses of water and later boryani and yummy korma salan and discussed the merits and demirits of sending Afridi in after our opener was out the old fashioned way.

We were all wrong about Afridi, to be honest.

He did what many good players often fail to do in the finals. He smashed Sri Lankans when there was the need to. He did not play rashly. He did not do anything to earn curse. He impressed the goras and the Kallas. And he just smashed a sixer when it was most needed. And then he scored the final run - from his legs.

The celebrations were so brilliant that when I left Habib's home at 2:30 night [the match had finished around 11:12 PM] there were still shezores and trucks and suzukis full of people shouting 'Pakistan Zindabad'.

I am not so sure if I was so happy on my wedding day as I was yesterday. This happiness is not personal, like my wedding on 20th March; it is national. And it affects us all. Our team has made us happy. And we are once again proud to be Pakistanis.

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Muhammad Danial said...

I Appreciate what you said. And I'm Happy as well with the success.
But Ameer Bhai, Is that our success? Just winning the Cup?
Who will change our thinking? I today once heard a person saying "Pakistan played gambling with England, Thank God they didn't do it in finals."
What is that? Why we always look for winning? What if They wouldn't be able to win? Now everyone says I M A PROUD PAKISTANI, and then they always critique regardless of all the efforts made by the Team.....
Success is not always in Winning....