Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IDP and our war

Now that world has realized, after much delay and haggling, that Pakistan has the largest concentration of displaced men and women, people who have left their cities and towns to save their lives due to a war which remains suspect.

Pakistani govt. led by former Army General could not see the outcome of supporting Taliban in one area and kicking them in another. Talibans were allowed not only a peaceful valley in the form of Swat for their recreation, religion and war, they were also allowed a name, Pakistani Taliban, to make them look good. And they looked good to hell lot of people called Pakistanis some 8 months ago.

Fortunately, some horrible videos of woman being beaten in public, men being slaughtered in Swat [some version suggest that they were FC men] forced Pakistani Army to take notice of the entire situation. Then came Pakistanis.

This is the first time, besides last war, that Pakistanis of all shades have come together to support military operation in Swat. Let us see what happens next.

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