Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American dress to mock Quran

Mansura [also spelled as Mansoora], a town dedicated by Jamat-e-Islami to teach Quran and Jihad to its students in one of the largest seminary of the country also houses a fascinating museum having very rare items on its dusty tables. Among the most prized possessions of this museum is this American dress made by hater of Islam, who printed Ayats [verses] from Quran Sharif on this woman dress. As the museum keeper informed me, it was to mock Quran.


Anonymous said...

This is a shame...........
but are ALL people who are "out of the fold
of Islam" na-pak. ??
You know I am totally against U.S. & British
history toward Islam...actually all U.S. & British "history"!!!!!!!
but interestingly we get the same thing in
"Christian" church's...whoever is out is "out"..."dirty"...

Hasn't Mansoor been in the news lately....militarily????
(or will be soon!)

Anyway...the dress is interesting example....if you
pick up almost ANY movie from U.S. you will find
anti-Islam, anti-African, pro-war, anti-Catholic---
ect in every single one................some more BLATANT
than others.................the movies, books and news
are propaganda.......
Thats all we have is constant propaganda..

If you think about it..since people got to "vote"
(after Kings made decisions)...the people had to
be convinced to vote a certain way. That has become
big business now. Obviously, Europe and America have
been "taught" through the centuries that Black and Brown
is backward, that business is part of our culture and worth\
fighting any enemy of business and that "white" people
(never mention Jewish) have every right to go anywhere
and take anything or take over. Since the start of the new
imperialism/globalization has proven to be such a hugely
profitable enterprise.......Americans as well as rest of world
are now in competition to be slaves!!!!!!!!!!!

Interestingly...there seem to be no shortage of Islamic upper
class and rulers who get along well and live richly while their
people are living in poverty or are in line for next wave of
slum existence and factories for cheap imports and low
low wages!

really hopeless...we "thought" there might be a
little 'turn-around' with "O"..........

In your tags you have "state of Satin"..
"Satanic people".............
BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no mention of Jewish people.
Obama is 1/2, Biden is 100%, MacCrystal???
Take a look at the U.S. Senate, U.S. corporations.......

Look at who owns most interest in corporate America..
Lockeed, Martin Mariatta, Seimens...all of Wall St..
so many "Satans"....to list here... look them up!
I don't think they are Christians, although some hide
in Christian Churchs.............
Who has the most to lose if Islam is strong??????????
Corporate America and Corporate Europe and Israel.

Sorry to take so much room. Your photos and comments
are provocative and should get even more response.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ameer, please explain more ...
Where was the dress made? Who printed the fabric in the first place? Were they aware what the calligraphy represented? In the 1950's or earlier, 'abstract' patterns were often used for dress material because they could look quite beautiful. Is it forbidden to print Ayats on clothing material? Did the dressmaker or the wearer of the dress live in Pakistan - in which case they should have known better? I am not defending the "mocking christians of america" but I would like to know why the museum keeper is so sure that this dress was made specially to mock the Quran? I can't help feeling that this might be a matter of ignorance more than hatred on the part of the dressmaker/wearer.

Ms. Valeria posted this comment at flickr link.

Anonymous said...


This na-pak has specific meaning in Islamic law. It can be translated as impure but this is not what it really means. It just mean that you are clean (in the Islamic sense) that you can recite Quran. And shower is a way to get yourself clean--pak. There are degree of cleanliness.

So you should not be worried about it or consider it derogatory per se. You can open the Quran or read it whenever you like it. Nowhere non-muslims are stopped visiting masjids where Muslims pray. However Muslims are not supposed to enter in masjids if they are not clean (na-pak). Seeing Quranic Ayaths on dress is not a pleasing experience for Muslims.

One may argue that the dress shown above is perhaps a propaganda. It may be the case. Most Muslims are likely to believe it uncritically as Abu Gharib jail provide a pretext. In any case, it's authenticity should be verified.


Anonymous said...

I want to make 2 clarifications:
(1) it is not quraniq verse but Arabic sentence but intention of creator was to tease Muslims and was lately band.

(2) Mansoora is not the producer of Jihadis. this is true that mansoora was established by Jamaat-e-Isalmi in late sixties when there was no major conflict with USA.
Professor Muhammad Saleem, an educator and scholar was its founder and who had initially established it to educate the people of this remote area and history is witness that he established an outstanding institute called Ghazali Oriental School which lately become the College and produced hundreds of students. The name "Ghazali" put after the great scholar "Imam Ghazali" and for your kind information it was not a traditional "Madrasa" in early seventies this great institution was nationalised by Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto than the primeminister of Pakistan and founder of Pakistan Peoples Party.

At that time there was not Jihad issues in the Pakistan.
Since than it is in the custody of Pakistan govt., Hamza had witnessed that how they ruined this great institution.

the small museum was also established by Professor Muhammad Saleem, he was a great collector of islamic calligraphy and wrote an authentic book on history of calligraphy " Tareekh-e-Khat-o-Khatateen" ( the history of calligraphy and Calligraphists).

Hamza and me were together there when we saw all this great collection of calligraphy and some historic hand written manuscripts of Quran.

Finally i shall not blame that American who manufactured or designed this dress but must blame Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto and his so called modern and secular Peoples Party for ruining this great Institute.