Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bhag, Bhag, Bhag!

Nawaz Sharif is a core supporter of Wahabi form of terrorism (also called fundamentalist Islam by the likes of TIME / CNN / New York Times, etc). His younger brother, more red blooded than the big brother, is another rash Punjabi terrorist complete with zero beard and lots of mun'ch to his credit.

Recently, just in case you have forgotten it, Mian Shahbaz Sharif had requested [brother] Taliban to please kindly spare Punjab, a statement which has not gone down well with lots of Pakistanis including (surprisingly) many Punjabis. And Dawn letters to the editor section has shown us that no more hard core Punjabiat would be tolerated anymore in this country. (I am eternally thankful to ALLAH that the great Dawn newspaper does not belong to a Punjabi man from Lahore).

Today's wonderfully composed column by Mr. Irfan Hussain by the title of Teflon Tiger ( is immensely readable and must act as an eye opener for all. For instance, Mr. Hussain states about Sharif,

'In his two stints in power, Nawaz Sharif has been responsible for follies that the country has had to pay hundreds of billions for. The expensive motorway project and the yellow cab scheme spring to mind. And while Sharif is now known for his pious advocacy of a free and independent judiciary, let us not forget that it was his goons who stormed the Supreme Court while he was prime minister.'

He also points out quite clearly that if Mr. Zardari (who is not of a terrorist Wahabi streak) had said the same thing about Sindh ('spare Sindh my overlord', for instance) things would have been quite different. Without mentioning the term 'Punjabiat' he clearly points out the Pakistan Army, full of Punjabi baboons, would have taken strong action against him including, a fully public rebuke of the President. Some would have asked for his immediate impeachment.

But we see no such thing happening to Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Unfortunately, our public, much of which comes from his home base Punjab, are blind to all this despite repeated terrorist attacks in the heart of the province. His big brother, a strong ally of people who fund terrorist activities in Pakistan (read Saudi regime run by the fat, monstrous king) very clearly supports Wahabization of the entire country.

If one good thing our president can do for us, it is the immediate kicking of Sharif brothers on their thick, desi-ghee induced butts. He must, anyhow, pull them to the court for embezzlement of billions of dollars by building a very luxurious and very un-necessary M-2, which connects Islamabad to Lahore, their home town. They can also be charged for running away with billions of rupees of mainly poor Pakistanis in the name of 'Qarz Utaro, Mulk Sawaro' scheme.

Thank you Mr. Hussain for writing such a wonderful article. Just like you, we hope that Nawaz Sharif and his brother are made prisoners before they have a chance to regain their power seats.

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