Friday, November 5, 2010

Golden Beach, Karachi

Beaches of Karachi
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When someone talks about beaches of Karachi there is a chance that you will hear the words Sea View or Hawksbay (where there are no hawks left to boot). And there is a chance, one in 50, that you will hear the name 'paradise point'. But there is certainly no chance that you will ever hear the name golden beach. Because no one bothers to either go there or name it.

This beach is the last place in Sindh province where a civilian can go. After that only army men are allowed in. So much for democracy. But this beach is a beauty but beware of Sunday goers.


Go to Mauripur road. Turn right for Hawksbay. Drive straight till you see a certain gate where it says, COASTAL GUARDS / NAVY. Stop dead. Turn left and viola.

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