Thursday, May 5, 2011

Portrait: Enjoy Coca Cola

Woke up today at 5:12 AM for Fajr (morning prayers) and after that opened my Flickr account and received this email from Coke company:

'On behalf of The Coca-Cola Company I would to thank you for sharing your Coca-Cola photo on Flickr. We noticed that you placed it under a Creative Commons license that allows it to be used for commercial purposes, to be modified, adapted or built upon.

We wanted to let you know that we would like to use your photo in our 125th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of The Coca-Cola Company. We would like to include your photo in a montage of images to be shown in a public spectacle at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, during the month of May 2011 (the “Montage”). We would also like to use your photo in a video of the Montage and still images of the Montage, any of which may be displayed throughout the world in any type of electronic or digital media (including without limitation the internet and email) for commercial and public relations purposes in perpetuity. We'll be sure to provide attribution for your photo on our Facebook page related to the Montage. We’ll list your Flickr handle and a link to your photo on Flickr.

Please let us know by reply email if you agree with our usage of your photo as outlined above.

Thanks for being a loyal Fan.'

Well, instantly I replied this guy:

'Thank you for writing to me regarding my image:

If you wish to use this image for any editorial or commercial purposes, you may purchase this and other images via Getty Images, which represent me at Flickr. I don't wish to hand over my photograph for free.

Please also note that all my images are copyright and not, therefore, free to use.

I think that answers your request.

Ameer Hamza
p.s Please do not ask for free use of images next time.'

Let us see what I get in reply.


Anonymous said...

SO funny! Expect a big cheque from Coke!

Btw, I found your beautiful photos completely by accident.

(I just finished a book that you might enjoy, An Unexpected Light by Jason Elliot. It's about his travels in Afghanistan, but he has a lot of interesting observations about tradional Islamic architecture. If you can find it, check it out.) I hope you continue to document your travels with your wonderful photographs.


Ameer Hamza said...

I am still waiting for Cola guy to reply. But off course he wanted a free ride.