Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fish for sale, Empress market

I uploaded this photograph to remind myself that I now urgently need fish. I need it to save my falling hair and to get a glow to my skin. And all that. I also need to remain young for a long time, or so my neighbour at boat basin informs me. Jailer sahib, as he himself likes to called for his father was in British police, told me that he has eaten fish for breakfast since he was my age. His age now is 75 and counting; mine is 29 and counting. And he has a load of hairs to prove it. And if those aren't enough, he has a booming voice which is usually reserved for Army wallahs. This jailer sahib is also lovingly called Munna Bhai, after the famous character of an Indian movie.

But he is right. Fish saves the day for men and women alike. And certain chemicals, which are not to be had in red meat, are readily found in fish meat. So I better go and just buy a handful now.

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