Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dinner: Home made pizza with russian salad

Via Flickr:
Pakistanis have so much altered this Italian dish that Italian national would find it hard to recognize the ingredients except for the erstwhile cheese. Like all great cooks of the world we tend to improvise according to the tastes and sensibilities of our nation. Therefore, unknown to Italians, Pakistani pizzas have such ingredients as chicken tikka or massala tikka - loads of it - daubed with chadder and mozrilla cheese, shimla mirch (green chilli), a wonderful pizza paste and a very thick bread. Cut tomatoes and onions are the staples. My sister also added russian salad for the added taste. No Pepsi, though!


RajaIslam said...

I love your food series

Ameer Hamza said...

Thank you Raja bhai.