Sunday, August 24, 2008

Discussion with Muhammad

Ameer: asalam u alikum
how is life in USA
any better

Muhammad: it is good
University will open from Monday

Ameer: well it is good here as well except for zardari

ha ha ha

mush is gone

Zardari has lost all of his credibility

but he expects something better

I am surprised. He is the one who will put the PPP to its natural death
Ameer: for one mushi expects the coalition to break down
and kyaini to either take over
or make mushi the king again
but for the hundreds of Baluchis he cannot possibly come

this is hilarious
did mush say that?

he did not
but lot of analysts think that way
or else mush is going to go abroad
though he wants to stay here
amid security
his son is in USA
and keeps away from media

I think he should allow to stay in Pakistan
that is a much better punishment
Anyway, I have heard that Zardari is going to be a president.

he is
for sure
and no one is stopping him
USA wants the most corrupt person on tip
and they can't find any besides him
even Chaudrys look paler

Apparently, he is pursuing mush policies even better.

and the militants are ready to trounce
it appears that militants only want to kill military and police and spread choas
they never touch any PPP office

I have a feeling that if he continued that way he might get murdered in a year or two.

how is that
and they don't wish to kill Zardari

may be by ISI itself

maybe India and Afghanistan have told Mehsud, agent of CIA and FBI not to touch our men
it is ISI but most of it is RAW
for sure
i have no doubt
India wants to break pakistan within 2 years
that's my guess
and it certainly wants Sindh and Punjab
atleast Punjab to end Kashmir struggle and let loose Sikh men to rape Muslim women once and for all
I am sure Punjabis wont mind that
after all they are the ones who created this mess

I have watched an interview by Stephen Cohen. He was saying that India wants to weaken the Pakistan as much as possible, but donot want its disintegeration.

India would be stupid to think that they can weaken Pakistan but not break it
they want to

so you think that at present Taliban, say Pakistani Taliban, are playing in the hands of RAW.

there is no such thing as Pakistani Taliban
they are a bunch of frustrated guys, sexullay and morally, and they want to do something
so they are bombing everything they can
and RAW is clearly enjoying this
after all we supported Kashmiris since 1988
and helped kill lot of Indian soldiers and common Hindus
now it is time to die
you just think on these lines:
schools are bombed daily

You have told me that there are numerious suicide bombers waiting for their turn

all important bridges, roads and offices are bombed
Karachi is to be attacked during and after ramazan
dont be surprised if your friends die on Eid Day
that is their plan
there are around 500 of them according to one of my contractors whose house is in Waziristan
ISI knows it
but cant do anything
no orders from the top
they have also blown away SUI gas main pipeline
what the hell

It seems there is no way out at the moment

Zardari wishes to take revenge from everyone
so he will help further destruction
at any cost
even at the cost of the country

military action can only yield short term results

MQM supports Zardari so that he does not kill them
but he will order mass killings of MQM within 6 months
and USA is playing double policy
they will support MQM with weapons
and they will give PPP weapone

I thought USA is backing MQM

and everyone kill everyone else
they are backing both sides
and MQM says we want Pushoons out

I remember this is the plan you told me about a year ago

yes now it is time for final implementation India has beefed up security across its borders
Pakistan and Bangladesh and have sent extra army to Kashmir war is on

somebody has said that freedom movement againt sparked in the kashmir itself. That is ISI didn't play any role for this

yes, this time ISI really did not do anything in fact, the stupidity of Indian hardliner Hindus did this let me tell you this India is playing the policy of Israel pushed Muslims so much that Muslims got economicall and socially downgraded as citizens of Israel India will follow the same policy to the letter in coming 10 years; and will kill Muslims across; loot their properties, kidnap their most cherished men, rape their women, and would do to make lot of Muslims dis-appear

but this will result in the rise of muslim extremism with in India itself

A Muslim writer, Jawed Akhter, could not buy a home in Mumbai and he clearly told media that was because he is a Muslim Indian wants to raise Islamic militancy in India

however, he declare himself non-muslim

to get free weapons from USA and Europe


to kill Islamic Facsists as they would then be called

they are perhaps commiting a suicide. In the sense that things do not always work according to your plan. There are so numerious a parameters.what if this extremism become uncontrolled.

they think they will kill most muslims and force many others to migrate to what would be left of Pakistan or Bangladesh see their name: HINDUS TAN
well that is a very clear agenda

again this is a too simplistic thought. In India there have been movements like this in the past. Like Shuddi tehreek, sanghattan movements it is the re-emergence of these movements

I am not sure but India wishes to act like Americans and Israelis and killing Muslims seems to be the easiest route

that is for sure. Moreover it didn't want to share its region with any of the US or Israel

I guess then that Army has no choice except to launch a major attack on Mehsud or Fazl-Ullah. But they are well trained with gorilla wars which is almost impossible to win, if they also enjoy support from tribesmen

Ameer: they have almost no support from tribesmen because of the army operation in fact ISI can train tribesmen and get these bastards killed

but then they will have to deal with the tribesmen later

Ameer: now that is a problem which can be solved by opening roads and making education common and also by having a stricter control over border with afghanistan
there was a report in DAWN 2 days back that around 6000 afghan men are in Pakistan to fight

this what they should have done when Soviet quits

they are silly people. They should have thought in the entire world their only supporter is Pakistani people. There is a simple rule in the goriall was that you don't let your base camp in trouble. But as we know stupidity knows no bound. Perhaps they are being over-confident.

Ameer: i am not sure what they are thinking
but hearing all those comments from people like Imran Khan and others I feel that all tribesmen think that they are just not beatable
and they imagine that the mountains would save them
they are living in times when that was the case
they need to get out and see the world

Muhammad: This is not much untrue.
Gorilla wars aryou have the support from the people in whicnless you have the support from the people in which you are operating

yes, once Imran Khan said that solution is that make tribesmen your allies. Give them task and support. they will do your jobs. A solution which is very similar to you just told me.

Ameer: what I understand is that lot of tribesmen have nothing to do all day
so they like having guest
fighting over smaller things
enjoying kewa or chai
and keeping their women shut
or producing children
or learning Quran without understanding any thing
so the best way to deal with these rough tough people is to get them doing something all day long
so that they have no time for stupidities

this is our fault too we continued the Bristish policies rather then integerating them to the Pakistani society.

Ameer: we have lot to answer to ourselves and to the people who;ve suffered due to us

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