Friday, July 10, 2009

CJ and other people

CJ of Pakistan, Iftikhar bhai phero, is now wanting to earn millions and trillions of money. So says the un-confirmed and un-known report. What else explains this exclusively stupid initiative of stopping the carbon tax on petrol and other products for one day and then getting over the next?

What is CJ suggesting? He seems a lame duck to me now. No proper decision making has come out from him or his office recently, a sad reminder how judiciary work in the country.

For further references, please note that all the murderers and rapists are roaming free. Historical structures are being damaged by the ministries. Corruption is rampant. And no cases against Zardari are being presently heard. Is this is what we Pakistanis wanted from CJ, for whom we did everything. We, the public and not Zardari and Co., restored him to his present status. Otherwise the lawyer's movement would have failed miserably.

And yes, CJ has taken no notice of the workings of KESC and our Education ministry.

Long Live Pakistan Long Dead Rule of Law!

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