Monday, July 13, 2009

I love indecent , provocative and ill-motivated SMS

I love smooching and indecency, etc. But I am too afraid of the draconian laws of the good government of Pakistan [whatever that means; sorry for indecency!].

I don't understand this democratic setup of our govt. They cannot just stand the funny jokes, made in good measure, against our good president of the very good country. Who are these people who have just got out this order of 14 years of prison for a person who dares to send out the jokes against very good men of our times, Zardari Sahib and his play mates, the PM, the FM, the CM, and all others. What will our govt. achieve by all this non-sense [am I being indecent here???]

One thing is for sure. If you add some taxes per SMS and if you delete the jokes on Zardari, then you've got the problem. At least if you are part of Mobilink or Warid network. Your business greatly suffers. And our collective sense of humour, even it is on a morbid side of things, suffers a lot. Already we are suffering lot of fools around us. And the mullahs. And the terrorists. And all other whacky kids from Afghanistan, India, Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

But Mr. Zardari, who must have helped in bringing this law to life, should be happy. I have not received, for a very long time now, any jokes on Zardari.

Long Live Zardari, the good President of a very bed-ridden and sick country. [Is this, my Lord, indecent, provocative and ill-motivated?]. Sirs, please answer.

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Be Pakistan said...

14 years in prison for sending sms against government, well that is really very a very good plan (keeping my fingers crossed). Government should be doing something for the people so that they sms good about them. This un-realistic punishment will be of no use i am sure