Monday, July 20, 2009

Killer rains and the joy of water

According to Pakistan Met office official website, lot of rain fell on the city yesterday and today. It reported that around 85mm of it fell across many parts of Pakistan on Saturday. And today it says that some parts of the city received 205mm. Reports from BBC state that around 26 people died as a direct consequence of such heavy monsoonal rains. And the facts go on.

I cannot blame the government for doing nothing to save those precious lives. I cannot blame the common public, I and you, for doing nothing except for complaining to KESC for prolonged load shedding (a term which does not properly define what it does to its consumers time and again). I cannot blame anyone. We are so enamored by what has been happening across much of Karachi that we've become sort of aliens to our own surroundings. No more does the death of 26 people bring us to streets. Although when electricity goes out for 10 hours we do smash windows and abuse KESC, even if we don't pay our electric bills on time. We are so self-loving, self pleasure seeking that a larger, national interest to us means nothing. How sad that beautiful rains, which happened yesterday and today, should bring this in sharp focus: Our bad qualities, our absolute low morals.

We are so bad, rains are so good.

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Danial said...

I agree Hamza Bhai. We have become self-centered citizens. Despite of looking into our own selves, we blame others. We blame the sun, the moon, the rain the water and everything. We blame the government. We blame KESC. and We brake the signals, we spit, we make litter on the streets. I've seen so many Hi-fi People driving luxurious cars, opening the door while driving and spit on the road, littering. We think our own house and own car is our responsibility, rest will all be done by anonymous.......
And then we blame others...............huh