Monday, February 6, 2012

Dinner: Khausa with full ingredients, Karachi

Via Flickr:
Khausa was brought to Pakistan by Jethpur Memons from Burma. They learnt this dish while doing business in Burma and after partition brought it here. Khausa or Khausay, as the dish is known, is usually cooked for dinner but may also be consumed for lunch. It is arguably the best Memoni dish on offer and I have never heard any non-Memon becoming an expert cook of this. It's cooking requires lot of hard work, patience and intricate understanding of the masala and timing for spaghetti boiling. Garlic must always be fried and must come out crisp. Lal mirch must be fresh and so should be coriander leaves as well as chips. If chaat masala is missing or lacking in taste, it will half-destroy the entire taste of the dish. Meat must be cooked in small pieces and eaten as such.

Cooked by my good mother as a gift for all of us.

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