Sunday, February 12, 2012

Garam masala ingredients, Karachi

Via Flickr:
Garam masala consists of the following: (From R to L): Green cardamom (choti ilaichi), black cardamom (bari ilaichi), white cumin (safed zeera), cloves (long), star anise (badiyan key phool), black cumin (kala zeera), mace (javatri), black pepper corns (kali mirch) and cinnamon sticks (dar chini / dajh). The only ingredient missing is whole nutmeg. Indian version of Garam Masala (In English: All spice powder) there is an addition of Malabar leaves. In Pakistan, they are generally not found or used in the recipe. All these are mixed in a pan, roasted for 12 minutes, and then grounded to make a fine powder.

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