Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lunch: Dhokray with khopra & hara dhanya chutney, Karachi

Via Flickr:
Dhokray or Dhokday is a typical South Asian dish prepared using bajray ka ata, kala and safed chunay (black and white chickpeas), bengan (brinjal), hara dhanya (corriander leaves), piyaz (onions), aloo (potatoes), namak (salt), mutter (peas), methi ki bhaji and cooked with oil. It may also have a fish or a meat piece added separately to provide a complete taste. Other winter vegetables may also be added according to the taste of the cook or chef.

Green chutney is made using khopra (coconut), hara dhanya (corriander leaves), lehsun (garlic), namak (salt) and hari mirch (green chillies).

This dish and chutney were sent in by our good neighbour who wishes to remain anonymous. This was sent today on the occassion of Birthday of Prophet of ALLAH, Hazrat Muhammad (salau alihi wasalam).

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