Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dinner: Safed Paplet (White Pomfret), Karachi

Via Flickr:
Fried with green masala, a local recipe of my mother in a pan with oil. Eaten raw or with roti and piyaz (onions).

Pomfret is known as paplet is perhaps the most popular fish eaten among the Gujrati familes of Pakistan and India, perhaps due the fact that Gujratis have been eating this fish since last few centuries. Best season for fishing pomfret in Arabian Sea is between Sep-Jan, December being the best month. We got this fish for Rs.900/ Kg, which makes it one of the most expensive eatable fish in Pakistan. And this was rather small. Large size was Rs.1,200 / Kg. We call it 'Paplet', a lovely name.

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