Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Wakhan : Day 3 / Mithramdan school

You may call it Mathramdan or Mithramdan but it is a place to reckon with. It is a small Ismaili village from where the famous Wakhan trek begins officially. I mean all trekkers intend to begin their trek from here. And this was the school where we had slept the night before, instead of putting up our tents.

The teacher writing on the blackboard is Mr. Bul Bul Khan and he was from a nearby village. By religion he was also a Ismaili but ethnically he wasn't Wakhi. All his students are Wakhi so the students and teachers conversed in Urdu, which none understands any better. Though the teacher knew it pretty much better than even our so-called educated trekkers.

These girls were blonde, which surprised me a lot. But if you look closely they all have very European features - light coloured eyes, fair skin and so on.

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