Friday, October 21, 2011

To Wakhan : Day 6 / To Chitti Boi glacier and back

The rains finally subsided today but after a long spell. So finally our lethargic group leader, Tanweer, decided to start the trek today (16th Sep, 2011). It wasn't a very good start. There was no breakfast except for a kheer (which is a rice mix) with chai, hardly a substance for trekkers on North Pakistan. Yet, surprisingly, no one really objected except for Zahid bhai. The trek began at 12 noon. So off course there was no chance of reaching our destination.

We walked and walked and rains again started. Tanweer bhai created a drama and sat down (he is the founder of a fraud group... and then Talat Saeed also sat down. That meant demise of our trekking. I felt the rat alongwith our trekking partners, Adeel Ather, Adeel, Danial and Zahid bhai. But we could do nothing so we had to call our forward going porters back from Chitti Boi. The cheaters group, as we named them that day (although they like to call themselves as Trekkerz), returned happily. There was general disagreement over the course of action but Tanweer seemed extremely fit to me and yet he was claiming his illness. An ill person cannot trek so fast (he reached destination very fast).

This is the group shot of (from L) Adeel, a local Gujjar, Zahid bhai and Zain.

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