Monday, October 17, 2011

To Wakhan : Day 5 / Yak with Nasir, Sokhtarabad

Via Flickr:
In this region Yak is known locally as 'Khush Gao'. It is a stout, beautiful animal and perfectly suitable to live among the giant mountains and extremely harsh climate. It can walk on snow as easily as it does on rocky terrain, foraging high above summer pastures. Rich and middle class men keep them. Pictured here is Naseer, a local Wakhi-Ismaili with his Yak. He has around 60 goats and probably 5 Yak.


Susanna said...

Are the goats in this region large or small animals?

Ameer Hamza said...


Goats here are small except for the wild goats found high in the Pamir mountain range. The Pamirs may be glimpsed here in this frame in the background.