Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Wakhan : Day 5 / Sokhtarabad

We had reached at our camp, damp and tired, at 9 PM. In fact it would be prudent to call it a stumble. And soon we heard the voice of our friend, Zahid Ali Khan (Known as ZAK in flickr and beyond) asking me and Adeel to join him and Danial for a much-needed dinner. It was raining so we went straight in the Kitchen camp. The bonfire there instantly saved our day and we happily munched on whatever we were offered (I think it was some sort of Lahori qorma). We ate our fill and then went to our camp, which was by now drenched from bottom to top. The bags were lying outside and we could not find out porters. It seemed that most of them had nothing to do with us. Our leader, Tanweer, was also not available for comment. So we opened our heavy, water-logged bags, got out our sleeping bags, which were also drenched, and slept. Or tried to. All night me and Adeel just tried to sleep. It was one of those nights which must be remembered for its usefulness as our teacher. We cursed Tanweer and his partner, Talat Saeed (also from Lahore) and slept.

I was the first to wake up and get out when the rains finally ceased sometime after 6 AM next morning. And this was the view I first saw from there. This frame was probably taken after sometime, after I had woken our chef, got some tea in stomach and then handled my Nikon D70s, dried it on fire and then the photography.

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