Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Wakhan : Day 3 / Trek from Mithramdan to Chota Yasin

Trek from Mithramdan onwards is beautiful. In fact, it should be counted as a first rate place and no wonder so many foreigners have enjoyed these treks in previous years. This place is one of the safest in the whole region and yet I was told that this year foreigners did not arrive for this trek, though they made other treks around this region. I am not sure why.

This is Adeel, my friend who've just returned from USA after completing his Masters in Abstract Algebra (first from Utah and then continued at Chicago University). This trek was at time dangerous for most of us but we were very enthusiastic about it and no one really cared a bit. We just moved on. Our spirits were high and weather was just about fantastic. As good as it could get.

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