Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foot series: Shrine near Amerkot, Sindh

Date: 9th January, 2005.

This is a beautiful blue tiled Muslim Saint's shrine near Amerkot (now Islamized to Umerkot after creation of Pakistan). Islamists don't agree but most historians now agree that Umerkot is actually Amerkot. It was named after a Hindu Raja.

The reason I and Adeel are here is because of the invitation we received by our friend, Harish Kumar, who lives nearby, and who at that time was studying with us at MAJU, Karachi campus. When we finally arrived via a very enjoyable journey on bus from Karachi there was no Harish Kumar to be found anywhere. And there were no mobile phones, either, to help us around. So we called at his home in Karachi - and thanks to me that I had his number - and asked him to immediately leave everything which we doing in Karachi and come here. He was rather taken back that we were actually in his town roaming its dirty, pre-partition type streets. So he came, almost crashing on Amerkot / Umerkot, and we met up next day. And we roamed around, including a visit to this Shrine. Nearby was a revered Hindu temple. I will need to contact Harish for the names of the two.

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Susanna said...

Lovely, simple shot, composition allows the color to stand out.