Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hindu heritage of Hyderabad, Pakistan

I am suddenly reminded of a wonderful Hindu heritage present in our country. And some of that I have documented in Hyderabad and in Karachi. Sadly, we have lost much of it. What is left is slowly dying due mainly to the negligent behaviour of our government and ignorance of our general public. World over heritage is lovingly preserved and restored. Here in Pakistan we just tend to destroy everything to make way for the new. For being new is a sign of progress and of modernism. We feel connected to New York and London. But, the question is, can we get connected to these great modern cities by just blowing away our heritage sites? If the answer was yes, then Paris, London and Delhi would already had done away with their respective heritage. Instead, they preserved and today those very old buildings compel travellers from across the world to come and to see and to photograph. In this and other things, I am sad to say, we have miserably failed. We have even tried to forget the heritage of Pakistan focusing only on Islamic structures. In 2008, for example, Taliban blew some really beautiful and historically very important Buddhas in Swat valley. And there was no cry among the general Pakistanis. We did not raise our heads except for a few rare people. Why? Because we are generally unaware - and unconcerned - about our rare and important heritage.

It is in this background that I will be sharing some of my photographs of heritage, dying and dead. Keep watching this space.


Susanna said...

Didn't know about the Buddhas in Swat! In 2008? Of course, there was international outcry in 2001 over the Bamiyan Buddhas, but I didn't know that it had happened again.
I could speak at length about the Bamiyan Buddhas (perhaps it had more to do with saying "screw you" to the West, than the destruction of idols.) I think the Taliban were under sanctions at that time, so what did the West expect? Stupid. We'll deny food aid to Afghan children, but we'll save statues. Another bad decision.

sumera said...

great article.. thanks for sharing