Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fruit & Vegetable seller, Kolpur, Balochistan

Date: 4th June, 2010.

(There are two entries from Kolpur from my Balochistan diary. See June & July 2010).

I really wanted to share this photograph. Sky was stark blue and it appears bluer because of the brownish contrast provided by mud backed shops and the equally muddy mountain in the background. The man is also wearing brownish clothes. And he is selling his fruits placed in brown wooden cartons, as is custom in this country. But this photograph does not tell you about its history.

Last year or so many of the Punjabis were asked by Baloch nationalists to vacate their shops here or face the music. People not aware with the geo-politics of Balochistan province must be reminded that few of the Baloch tribes are fighting for independence or larger automy for their province. Foreign hands are playing their dirty game here.

I personally love this small, muddy town. It is extremely photogenic and you may wander around for 2-4 hours here. It is perhaps 35 minutes from Quetta, provincial capital of Balochistan.


rizwan said...

my name is rizwan. i leave in kolpur in1989. i realy want to see pic of kolpur. can u post few for me. thanx

Ameer Hamza said...

Mr. Rizwan, you may view photographs of Kolpur town by:


Copy this link and paste onto your browser. For all my photographs, here is the link:


Ameer Hamza