Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dawn media gallery published me

We are running an exhibition at Redbridge Museum, London, till 19th June, 2010. That's called 'Pakistan: Through a Lens' and is curated by Sadia Malik in collaboration with the museum. I am one of the participants and my Gadani photograph, one which appears above at Dawn Media Gallery, is part of the 3-month long exhibit. 25 other photographers are also participating, a curious selection of some wonderful photographs. It is an honour for me to be exhibited along with big names in the industry and that's not (thankfully) lost on editor at Dawn, who finally decided to showcase my image in his / her selection of 12 images among the many being presently exhibited. I am told, with much enthusiasm, by Ms. Sadia that this exhibit will be travelling places and might as well appear in Pakistan at the end of this year. I hope so.

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