Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taliban killing their own supporters

This wonderful article by Nadeem reminds me of a 'Taliban' family amidst us when we were cricket-playing, O' Levels kids. We used to have a friend name Fahad, affectionately called Fadi. He was a Slow-medium paced bowler of our team and took wickets regularly. And personally, a very quiet, determined person. At that time we were aware of his Deobandi affiliations but were unaware of his family's support for emerging Taliban of Pakistan. Soon, we completed our O'Levels and went our ways.

Then, on the morning of November 1st, 2007, our common friend, Syed Taha, called me to tell me that a suicide bomber had struck at Air Force personnel bus at Sargodha road. He further told me, in a tone which suggested overflowing emotions, that Fadi was in that bus and in critical condition. He had survived but all his bones were gone. So was his body but he could shout and he shouted day and night for a month or so for extreme pain which he endured. He parents, who were top supporters of Taliban which claimed this attack, lost their son early December, one month after the deadly attack. I still recall the handsome face of Fadi. He is no more among us but I often think of his parents, whether they still support Taliban and their cruel activities. It is a question which I would like to put to all Taliban-supporting Pakistanis.

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