Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rapist Police of Pakistan

Pakistani police is fond of raping. They don't care whether one is a boy or a girl and they damn care for the age of the person being raped. They rape boys and girls and minors. And they drink lots of alcohol. I cannot imagine a person in his right senses raping a boy. And alcohol, as we all know, takes away lots of human senses. I today searched the stretched term, 'pakistani Policemen rape' on and came up with lots of links of rape by our so-called defenders of law. So many links that I am assuming that google itself may well be drunk enough to churn out so many of these beastly links. Here is a summary of few of the rapes committed.

1) ...three officers arrested a boy, beat and raped him in custody, and distributed a video of the rape. [March 14, 2009].

2) Police Rape and Torture a 3 Year Old Girl [July 6, 2009].

3) Policemen gang-rape 13-year-old girl for 21 days [May, 2010].

4) Christian burnt to death in Pakistan, policeman rapes his wife [March 14, 2009].

5) Earlier this week, a young woman alleged that she had been gang raped by four policemen in Rawalpindi [June 28, 2005].

I hope in earnest that these rapist policemen are raped in public by donkeys and dogs because our worthy Supreme Court appears helpless over them.

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