Thursday, May 27, 2010

Panchayat Khana will be un-blocked

It all started with some illegitimate person making a page to depict the Greatest Personality of Universe, my and your Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam) on Facebook website. Off course, news travels fast in this modern age and someone in Pakistan got the wind of that page. All hell broke and Lahore High Court judge was forced to block the website itself. I am not sure why PTA did not bother to block something which was intended to be blocked, anyways. If not the entire website, which was eventually blocked by High Court, then atleast the single, defaming page.

But all has suddenly come to naught when yesterday our universally hated Minister (of what?), Mr. Rehman Malik, announced that soon facebook will be on and that Pakistanis will be able to connect to the world. Not sure what that means but sure enough our government has come black faced from this episode. And that's not the first time this government, or any government of Pakistan for that matter, has been through a blackened hole. We keep getting emotional time and again despite the fact that our people, of all the people on this earth, loving typing word 'sex' on google more than any other nation on this planet. And this alone is a glaring example of our methods and manners. Our judgement is perpetually weak and our decisions ad-hoc, just like our President and his cohorts. How sad that one week we announce in all our masjids that using facebook is haram and the user may well go to jahanum, and the other week our minister says that banning websites is not the way forward. How sick you can get!

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