Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saylani Welfare Trust

Machar Colony, Karachi
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Saylani Welfare Trust International feeds approx. 50,000 people daily in Karachi alone. We are not sure about the figure in Hyderabad. This alone is an incredible feet itself. Feeding daily so many people by seating them across marked 51 points across Karachi is no small feat. Much more importantly, it is an NGO with no support from government, whatsoever. People give their zakats, ushr, sadiqas and khairat to this organization for various purposes. I have noted with much interest that even non-Muslims including local Hindus, Zoroastrians and Christians also participate in this welfare's uplift.

Behind all this vision is a man of austere means of Memon-Gujerati origin, Mr. Bashir Farooqui. It is his vision to feed the poor people of the world and that no one from should go hungry. It is this purity of vision which has made Saylani a truly remarkable organization. What's more, it is growing at an incredible pace. The budget per month for the entire organization which, apart from feeding 50,000 people daily, is to provide jahez for poor women, provide money for critical operations to poor men and women, to provide top quality medicines free of cost to needy, to provide tawaizaat to those who seek (including non-Muslims), and much more.

If you wish to fund in any way, you may contact them here:

(+92-21) 34130786-90 (5 lines)
(+92-21) 34939655
(+92-21) 34120882-3

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